Infos toute fraiche : ‘Subway judge’: justice warrior who slapped entitled train passenger in face for seat-hogging comments hailed as hero on social media

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Voici les « bonnes pages » d’un « papier journalistique » que je viens de trouver sur internet. Le sujet va assurément vous ravir. Car la thématique est « la justice ».

Son titre troublant (‘Subway judge’: justice warrior who slapped entitled train passenger in face for seat-hogging comments hailed as hero on social media) condense tout le texte.

Sachez que l’écrivain (présenté sous le nom d’anonymat
) est reconnu comme quelqu’un de sérieux pour plusieurs autres encarts qu’il a publiés sur le web.

Vous pouvez ainsi donner du crédit à cette publication.

La date d’édition est 2023-09-09 13:00:00.

A young man in China who intervened in a seat dispute on a train and brought the altercation to a stop by slapping one of the protagonists in the face has been dubbed the “subway judge” on mainland social media.

The argumentative incident involved three elderly people, two women and a man, who were quarrelling about who should sit where in a subway carriage in eastern China’s Shandong province on September 4.

Online video footage shows a young man in his 20s coming all the way from the neighbouring subway car to listen to what was going on more closely.

The poster of one online video clip said that the two elderly women sat next to each other were rowing over sitting space when one dramatically accused the other of “occupying two seats”.

The other woman’s husband rose to her defence saying: “We can occupy 10 seats if they are empty.”

The “subway judge” listened carefully to the arguing parties and then brought matters to an abrupt halt with a slap to the face of one of the protagonists. Photo: Weibo

At this point, the young man, who had been listening carefully to the argument, decided it was time to act.

Riled by the entitled words of the elderly man, the young man slapped him full on the face, stunning not only the argumentative threesome, but everyone else in the carriage.

As he walked away, the young man delivered his verdict by loudly pronouncing: “Bastard! How dare you justify occupying two seats?”

After video clips of the incident went viral on mainland social media, the dispute- settling passenger was quickly dubbed the “subway judge” and praised for “upholding justice”.

By September 6, the #subway judge hashtag had topped the trending list on Weibo – China’s Twitter-like platform – with more than 470 million views.

According to mainland media outlet Jiupai News, the two unidentified men reached a settlement.

Online rumours that the young man who intervened was suffering from mental illness have not been substantiated.

People have also discovered an account on the video platform Bilibili, which is believed to belong to the young man on which he commented about another incident involving a mother and daughter who violently beat a cosplayer last month.

The young man had said: “If I were at the scene, I would give them two slaps in the face.”

Following the subway carriage incident, one online observer said: “He has kept his promise.”

A video blogger on Bilibili came up with an analysis of why the young man has been hailed as a hero.

“He did not slap someone in the face for no reason. He appeared to listen carefully and even hesitate a bit before making his decision.”

Another joked that he acted like “an internet bot” or a computer programme that reacts instantly to keywords like “two seats” and “10 seats”.

The young man’s swift administration of justice stunned his fellow passengers but earned him praise online. Photo: Getty Images

Some have even made memes of the man, putting a crescent moon on his forehead to make him look like the legendary Song dynasty (960-1279) judge Bao Qingtian.

One person on Douyin said: “The world sometimes needs mad people to uphold justice”, adding that the man’s actions reflected people’s contempt for seat-hogging.

Others, however, criticised him for using physical force: “Violence is not going to solve any problem,” said an online observer on Weibo.

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